ronald weasley (sorrysoselfish) wrote,
ronald weasley

due to the fact...

that i gotz mad skillz and refuse to work for next-to-nothing, i have decided not to take the camp-job.

plus its really far away and the hours don't mesh well with gary's....

.....and the whole place smelled like hippie.

so, instead i'm going to spend the summer cooking meat-free (fish is cool) meals for my mother to improve her chances of staying cancer-free.

payment? well, she's buying all me and gary's pretty sure thats a WAY better deal then driving an hour and a half each day to go work at a camp...

but, then again, i haven't officially turned them down yet. i'm just relatively certain that they won't be able to pay me the amount i require them to in order for me to even CONSIDER waking up that early...
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