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whoever decided coarse-ground wasabi was a good idea should be shot

well, wedding nonsense is in full swing now!

yesterday i went to portland for my final dress fitting (its perfect) and did my two big flower arrangements and made 15 bows for the aisle seats.....whoo-hoo

then today i had my hair appointment to "test run" my style to see if i liked it...*uhg*

i guess nobody in maine knows how to do a classic finger-wave with spit curls because i was in that damn salon for two and a half hours and have NOTHING to show for it...they fucked up twice, had to wash out and recondition my hair twice and sent me out of there looking almost exactly the same way as i did when i went in...

the stylist said she would "practice on her manneqin" and see me at noon next monday to try again. boooooo.

anyways, heres some pics of the bows, flowers, and bouquet for the wedding

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