ronald weasley (sorrysoselfish) wrote,
ronald weasley



at 7:30 this morning i woke up to some ridiculous noises coming from downstairs
( background: i rent out the top rooms of a mansion with my fiance, the house is having work done and the owner wanted people to live here while its being worked on....we got a pretty sick deal. the only problem is sometimes she comes over when i havent cleaned the kitchen and i feel like an ass.)

anyways the woman owner of the house is here setting things up for a party shes hosting in a week.....that will be at this house. thats the other thing, she hosts parties showcase her..."art"

bleh. im pretty sure i left some dishes in the sink last night, but i really dont have any desire to go downstairs and have forced conversation with and old, crazy woman and all her old, crazy friends.

oh yeah, how could i forget? this woman is nuts, but her friends....oh, her friends. her friends are a fucking FREAKSHOW

i' reel. heres a list of members in her usual entourage:

1) BEARDED LADY: this is a woman named, "todd" who works at the dump and has a very full beard and goatee. she appears to be in her late 50's and im not sure if shes transitioning or what, but her face is scary.

2) GUY WITH GUNS: oh man, oh man. i met this person at one of the owner-ladies parties. he's crazy. imagine grizzly adams. now give him an obscene amount of guns. thats this guy. also, im pretty sure he's half retarded.

3) THE WOMAN WHO CANNOT BREATHE: this is a chick named lee who is actually really cool and i like her a lot. but she has a very apparent problem with her throat....are you familiar with tenacious D? you know "inward singing"? well, that's how she talks. it's off-putting, but i enjoy her company so it's fine with me.

4) THE WOMAN WHO CANNOT BREATHE'S MOTHER: lee's mom is funny. she's like a regular mom who somehow got caught up in this ridiculous world with these ridiculous people and she just seems horribly awkward about everything.

5) THE HUNGARIAN: gary and i aren't sure, but we think this might be the owners lover. she is a large hungarian woman who hangs around and helps with chores and stuff. she is very round.
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