ronald weasley (sorrysoselfish) wrote,
ronald weasley


crazy-lady's grandkids were discovered playing in gary & my part of the house.....AWESOME. it's cool though, i think i scared the shit out of them

I think i might have a pretty sweet job, my second interview (chef interview) is tuesday....yaaaay. i am actually really nervous. i haven't worked in upscale dining for over a year...

we have an air conditioner now.

i discovered Folger's Black Silk coffee. it's fucking AMAZING.

shipyard pumpkinhead is finally out this year. this makes for a happy husband.

the house is a mess.

i need a new servsafe.... i can't believe it's almost been 5 years.
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ahhh i was just talking about shipyard pumpkin ale. god, that shit is delish.