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Writer's Block: Working hard for the money [14 Mar 2011|12:04am]
If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?
My dog Murray would be a band manager.
forever black-eyed.

[04 Oct 2009|05:07pm]
forever black-eyed.

rundown [23 Aug 2009|01:49pm]
crazy-lady's grandkids were discovered playing in gary & my part of the house.....AWESOME. it's cool though, i think i scared the shit out of them

I think i might have a pretty sweet job, my second interview (chef interview) is tuesday....yaaaay. i am actually really nervous. i haven't worked in upscale dining for over a year...

we have an air conditioner now.

i discovered Folger's Black Silk coffee. it's fucking AMAZING.

shipyard pumpkinhead is finally out this year. this makes for a happy husband.

the house is a mess.

i need a new servsafe.... i can't believe it's almost been 5 years.
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mmmm [16 Aug 2009|10:10pm]
gary just got out of the shower....oooOOOOooo he smellz sew guud
forever black-eyed.

run-down [11 Aug 2009|10:18am]
i've been listening to so much harry potter on tape that my dreams are getting out of hand.

i just folded laundry.

i'm considering a cup of coffee.

gary installed windows 7 a few weeks ago and it seems to be fairly awesome. it took a little getting used to, but i think i dig it.

my hair is getting long.

my landlady has been staying here a lot.

i roasted a chicken, it came out okay. i made stock out of the bones, it took 7 hours but it's going to make for a very awesome soup.

that's just about everything.
forever black-eyed.

....eh [04 Jun 2009|05:56pm]
i have been to 5 stores searching for a non-formal dress to wear to my high school reunion this saturday.....

wtf? shopping in bath= the suck
forever black-eyed.

HOLY SHIT!!!! [10 May 2009|09:17am]
This Is My Last Week As An Un-Married Person!!!!!!!
forever black-eyed.

unbreak my (trekkie) heart.... [07 May 2009|10:17pm]
[ mood | drained ]

well, i just saw star trek....


zackary quinto is my celeb-crush, so i will admit to being biased, but i thought he did a damn fine job of being a vulcan.

other then that i felt really rushed through the star trek experience. it seemed like star trek for beginners.... star trek for people who don't really follow star trek and never did.... star trek for the fast and the furious crowd.

but it was very pretty.

OH! another issue i had with it was the HD. JESUS CHRIST THE HD!!!! i really had no desire to see all those pimples, black heads and acne scars. wtf....

forever black-eyed.

due to the fact... [05 May 2009|08:39pm]
that i gotz mad skillz and refuse to work for next-to-nothing, i have decided not to take the camp-job.

plus its really far away and the hours don't mesh well with gary's....

.....and the whole place smelled like hippie.

so, instead i'm going to spend the summer cooking meat-free (fish is cool) meals for my mother to improve her chances of staying cancer-free.

payment? well, she's buying all me and gary's groceries.....im pretty sure thats a WAY better deal then driving an hour and a half each day to go work at a camp...

but, then again, i haven't officially turned them down yet. i'm just relatively certain that they won't be able to pay me the amount i require them to in order for me to even CONSIDER waking up that early...
forever black-eyed.

Gettin' Readyyyyyyyyyy [05 May 2009|09:32am]
today at noon i have an interview at....a summer camp. yes. in fact, it's like....one of those way hippy, play in the dirt kind of camps.....

but, a kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen.

i plan on being very honest about how my schedule is. (not really free for the next week and a half...)

and my transportation issue. (car=gone)

so.....we will see. ive got to go brush off my hemp jewlery now....ttyl.
forever black-eyed.

whoever decided coarse-ground wasabi was a good idea should be shot [15 Apr 2009|09:30pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

well, wedding nonsense is in full swing now!

yesterday i went to portland for my final dress fitting (its perfect) and did my two big flower arrangements and made 15 bows for the aisle seats.....whoo-hoo

then today i had my hair appointment to "test run" my style to see if i liked it...*uhg*

i guess nobody in maine knows how to do a classic finger-wave with spit curls because i was in that damn salon for two and a half hours and have NOTHING to show for it...they fucked up twice, had to wash out and recondition my hair twice and sent me out of there looking almost exactly the same way as i did when i went in...

the stylist said she would "practice on her manneqin" and see me at noon next monday to try again. boooooo.

anyways, heres some pics of the bows, flowers, and bouquet for the wedding

hereherehereCollapse )

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I dont start fights, i make explosions... [03 Apr 2009|12:45pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

i never really thought you were psyco.................

forever black-eyed.

meeting with lady [02 Apr 2009|11:09am]
today after work gary and i are going to get



then, we are driving out half an hour past TOGUS to meet with some hippy my mom knows who wants to marry us.... *sigh*

im sure there will be a pretty good update after all this nonsense..... stay tuned.
forever black-eyed.

blehg [31 Mar 2009|10:58am]
[ mood | lethargic ]


at 7:30 this morning i woke up to some ridiculous noises coming from downstairs
( background: i rent out the top rooms of a mansion with my fiance, the house is having work done and the owner wanted people to live here while its being worked on....we got a pretty sick deal. the only problem is sometimes she comes over when i havent cleaned the kitchen and i feel like an ass.)

anyways the woman owner of the house is here setting things up for a party shes hosting in a week.....that will be at this house. thats the other thing, she hosts parties here....to showcase her..."art"

bleh. im pretty sure i left some dishes in the sink last night, but i really dont have any desire to go downstairs and have forced conversation with and old, crazy woman and all her old, crazy friends.

oh yeah, how could i forget? this woman is nuts, but her friends....oh, her friends. her friends are a fucking FREAKSHOW

i mean....fo' reel. heres a list of members in her usual entourage:

1) BEARDED LADY: this is a woman named, "todd" who works at the dump and has a very full beard and goatee. she appears to be in her late 50's and im not sure if shes transitioning or what, but her face is scary.

2) GUY WITH GUNS: oh man, oh man. i met this person at one of the owner-ladies parties. he's crazy. imagine grizzly adams. now give him an obscene amount of guns. thats this guy. also, im pretty sure he's half retarded.

3) THE WOMAN WHO CANNOT BREATHE: this is a chick named lee who is actually really cool and i like her a lot. but she has a very apparent problem with her throat....are you familiar with tenacious D? you know "inward singing"? well, that's how she talks. it's off-putting, but i enjoy her company so it's fine with me.

4) THE WOMAN WHO CANNOT BREATHE'S MOTHER: lee's mom is funny. she's like a regular mom who somehow got caught up in this ridiculous world with these ridiculous people and she just seems horribly awkward about everything.

5) THE HUNGARIAN: gary and i aren't sure, but we think this might be the owners lover. she is a large hungarian woman who hangs around and helps with chores and stuff. she is very round.

forever black-eyed.

uhg [30 Mar 2009|06:18pm]
trying to find an apartment in nashville is getting tedious.
forever black-eyed.

my mom is so scene... [29 Mar 2009|10:50am]
last night i got on FB to discover a new message from my mother asking me all types of wedding related questions and then, as a "PS", asking me if i was free this afternoon around 3pm to "take some pictures" of her.....just her and me, no one else allowed to watch.

jsyk, my mother is a 60 year old woman who has recently found out about social networking sites.

i have a sinking feeling that i have been enlisted to take glamor shots of my mother to be used on her facebook.
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oh, livejournal.... [28 Mar 2009|07:27pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

hey, its been so long since ive used lj that i need a crash-course...

seriously, if any of my old lj buddies are out there...please let me know how to do this again...im so serious. from ljcuts to friends pages and groups...i have been spoiled my myspace, facebook, twitter, last.fm, and assorted other networking sites for too long!

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loose lips sink ships... [10 May 2005|09:18am]

so everything is great.


im talking to my aunt about getting my externship in nashville at this one place called "tin angel" thats really nice and fancy but modern... my mom is like, "maybe if you go down there when your done with your extern you can go to vandy....you know, if you want to...." but i cant blame her for wanting me to go to real college, i mean this is like a one year hobby-training kinda thing.... i dont want to be a chef. i want to be in art or a nutritionist or something...


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[03 Mar 2005|11:57am]
sore throat
dry mouth
stomach upstet
sinus congestion


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hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! [02 Mar 2005|09:13am]

You are

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